Jamorin International Limited was incorporated in London, England, on 16thMay 2005. Throughout the course of its existence, the company has held three names.

  • Incorporated as Alrida Enterprises
  • Jamorin Holdings (UK) Ltd from August 30th, 2005
  • Jamorin International Ltd from May 14th, 2018

Since inception, the company has undergone significant developments. When originally incorporated, the company operated the transportation services for chemical goods and raw materials; using its own ISO tank containers for a greater level of safety and security. The tank-containers were produced in the U.K by UBH International Ltd, a formidable business partner within the logistics and trading segment of the chemical sector.

Jamorin International further diversified their business model by providing the transportation to compliment these services.

The final stage, and transition to the company as it exists today, was the solidification of what is today, still an exceptionally strong business partnership; embracing the chemical logistics, trade, and transportation expertise. The combination of this expertise created a powerhouse of an organization, with a distinct understanding, appreciation, and expertise that makes Jamorin International Limited a true leader in the field of chemical raw materials supply.