At Jamorin International Limited we are proud to supply quality specialty chemical products and various raw materials globally for applications across a huge range of sectors. Our chemical products are used for personal care, paintings, coatings, health and nutrition, lubricants, logistics, adhesives, plastics, agriculture, and more.

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We provide an extensive range of specialty chemicals and raw materials globally, including both Methacrylate and Acrylate Monomers. With consistently high-quality products and a meticulous focus on service excellence, Jamorin InternationalLimited offers an unmatched solution for the supply of chemical products and raw materials within the industry.

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Coconut Oil

The demand for coconut oil across a huge range of sectors in booming. At Jamorin International Limited, we supply a range of raw coconut oil products to industries all over the world. Virgin and RBD Coconut oil, Cerin LCO 5, Laurin MCT, and other speciality fats and branded products; you can trust usto deliver quality, consistently.

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Calcium Carbonate

We supply high-quality calcium carbonate to clients across the globe. As an exceptionally versatile mineral that is utilized in so many everyday items, including animal feeds, fertilizers, construction aggregates, quarrying, sealants, and gardening products; the applications for Calcium Carbonate are infinite, and we are proud to offer a quality supply that you can depend on.

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