The 2nd CIS & Eastern Europe Coatings Conference LAKOKRASKA 2019
Baku, Azerbaijan
Quality is in demand September 24-25, 2019 in the capital of Azerbaijan, the city of Baku, the second international conference of the CIS Lakokraska was held. 170 delegates representing companies from 20 countries over the course of 2 full working days heard 26 reports on various aspects of the production and use of architectural and industrial coatings. The conference was sponsored by a company from the UK - the leading supplier of a wide range of monomers for the production of aqueous dispersions and chemical raw materials - Jamorin international. The busy business program did not let the participants get bored. Actual reports from the very first session and throughout the conference aroused great interest in feedback from the audience. Perhaps we have set another record. 10, or even 20 questions to each speaker. Hundreds of questions from the field in 2 business days. Hundreds of qualified and complete answers. A real exchange of views and the closest business cooperation among business partners - with these words you can describe the spirit of the business part of the conference. Coffee breaks filled with discussions, dinners with friends and partners, an exciting evening program and a full audience room at the beginning of the next working day ... The conference left the best impressions. We managed to bring people together, interest them and make their participation useful for the paint and varnish business of the CIS countries. We heard that the time of the “sub-economy” has passed and the consumer will begin to make a choice in favor of quality. For many years we have been waiting for this, for many years we have been told that there is demand only for the cheapest. However, all these years, the most far-sighted market participants have developed and implemented modern, high-tech coatings based on special and expensive components, debugged technologies and even built new modern facilities. The speakers told us all this, and the consumers present at the conference said that they, the consumers, would be interested in it, because the benefit, even in our markets, can only be related to quality. For many years, we had hoped that the market would begin to change for the better. It seems that now there is a chance for improvement. Of course, we will be realistic. Ahead is a long and probably difficult road. However, it is easier to move forward when we not only believe but also see that our desires begin to come true.