Fatty alcohols are colorless liquid products with typical odour. Natural fatty alcohols are derived from vegetable oils (palm-kernel oil) and have a chemical composition with an even number of carbon atoms per molecule, whereas synthetic fatty alcohols, derived from petroleum products, may have an odd number of carbon atoms per molecule. Fatty alcohols are used for many applications such as personal care products and detergents, crop protection, cosmetics, plastic additives, lubricants, and many more. Directly used as solvents, foaming agents, plasticizers, surfactants, lubricant additives, consistency giving factors, defoamers, evaporation and solubility reducers, oily components, super fatting agents, emulsifiers, concrete additives, esters for lubricants, acrylates and methacrylates, amines and defoamers agents, special esters and many more... Fatty alcohols are generally categorized as short chain (C6-C10), mid-cut (C12-C14) and long chain (C16-C18), depending on the number of carbon atoms contained in each molecule.
C 6 – C 10 Solvents, foaming agents, plasticizers, surfactants
C 12 – C 14 Surfactants, foam stabilizers, lubricant additives, consistency giving factors
C 16 – C 18 Defoamers, consistency giving factors, evaporation and solubility reducers, lubricants, surfactants
C 16 – C 18 Solvents, oily components, super-fatting agents, defoamers, plasticizers, esterunsaturated for lubricants
C 18 – C 22 Defoamers, acrylates and methacrylates, amines, special esters

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